Custom Jewelry – Design and Creation

You’ve found the perfect engagement ring.


You can picture her excitement as she holds it up to her family for the first time, each time she shows it off to her friends, and every time she moves it under the light to watch it sparkle.


There’s just one problem.


It didn’t come with a matching band.


No matter where you looked, you couldn’t find a wedding band to match the perfect engagement ring. You don’t want to have to choose another ring, because you’ve already found the perfect one.


What are your options?


We can help you.


At Jeff’s Jewelry, we create custom jewelry, from start to finish, on the premises.


We can design, cast, and set stones, with a skill developed through over 86 years of combined experience in jewelry work, and 44 years specifically in Gemology (study of gem stones), to make your vision come to life.


If you’ve taken the time to find the perfect engagement ring and it didn’t come with a matching wedding band, don’t worry!


We can create a band to match the ring you’ve chosen so that you don’t have to settle for less than the perfect ring for her.


The benefits of in-house custom jewelry creation go well beyond just making wedding bands.


Do you have a gem that means a lot to you? Maybe you were given a diamond or a birth stone, maybe you have a ring, but the look wasn’t right. Maybe you’re allergic to the metal used in the band. Maybe you want the stone from one ring to be set in the band of another.


We can help you.


We can use your metal or your stones to create custom jewelry that compliments your style and expresses who you are.


Do you have a necklace that holds a special place in your heart? Maybe a broach, pin, earrings, bracelet, or a watch?


We can repair your old jewelry, replace old stones, bands, or chains, or create something entirely new.


Do you want earrings to match your necklace? No problem.


A broach with birth stones for each month? We’ve got you covered.


Whatever you’re looking for, we can design it, cast it, and set the stones right here in our building on West Davis street, and because we’re not sending it off to a factory somewhere, we can do top quality work without the added time of shipping.


Add that to the fact that we have 3 certified gemologists to lend their education and experience, and we can guarantee an unparalleled quality.


To see some of our custom work, visit our gallery at, or come by and see us at 4890 West Davis St. (105) in Conroe, TX.